Whether you are trying to locate someone, require surveillance services, need a background check, involved in a lawsuit, require a legal investigator, a search for evidence, security consulting, or even concerned about loved ones care in a nursing home – Nicholas Group will put forth the best efforts and expertise in obtaining the desired results.

Worker’s Compensation cases – The latest in digital video and photographic technology in monitoring activity for workers compensation fraud or liability cases.  Well equipped for static or mobile surveillance

Attorney Support – Civil litigation support and criminal defense investigation, background checks, locate and transport witnesses, expert witnesses, premise liability, interviews, statements, legal courier, and the #1 rush process server in the greater Lehigh Valley and Reading-Berks region.

Businesses, corporations, employee/employer issues – Interviews, statements, dishonest employees, workplace violence threats, covert surveillance and other concerns must be addressed by employers.  Contact the office for a consultation.

Background Investigations – New hires, regulatory audits, business ventures/partners, criminal records, financial credit checks and marital records searched and retrieved.

Child Custody / Support – Private investigation can uncover and document the evidence required for proving Pennsylvania child custody, child support and cohabitation cases

Infidelity investigations Cheating Spouses and Lovers – Domestic cases are taken on a case by case basis and require a minimum retainer/deposit of $5,000.00 – please have an attorney or a third-party contact our office.

Surveillance – With tens of thousands of hours conducting surveillance – stationary, mobile and covert.  Business owners, law firms, insurance companies, corporations, child custody / support situations can all benefit from good surveillance work.  Following someone and obtaining video evidence requires a professional with skill, knowledge, attitude, planning and equipment.   Ensure your evidence will hold up in court.

Locate Missing Persons – Your subject may be a dead-beat, someone skipping out on a debt or judgement, a missing family member or friend or you may need confirmation of a missing person. We work hard to find them, even if they worked hard not to be found!

Executive Protection – Our agents have extensive experience and training providing discreet VIP protection, workplace threats and violence support and standby for hostile terminations when there is concern of an active threat.  Our experience in corporate, education, school, office building, campus, business settings, special event and austere environments will help put your mind at ease.

Technology – We utilize the latest technology and equipment in our cases, including state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment, hidden/covert pinhole cameras and digital still cameras, allowing us to track and video a subject indoors or outdoors.