Legal Process is the paperwork which initiates action in a civil, criminal or administrative legal proceeding.  In order to initiate the action documents must be served on the defending individual or entity.  A qualified and unbiased 3rd party who can attest to completing the service is the Process Server.

Do you ever say, “You’ve been served?”  Well, generally no……

The stereo-type of serving people legal papers, even within the industry is that folks receiving legal documents are hostile, threatening or even combative.  While this may be true in many circumstances, I rarely experience this.  Some of the more dangerous serves I’ve conducted were subpoenas for criminal trial on gang members although some folks being served have been so cordial and engaging we find ourselves in pleasant conversation.

While you never know how the person may respond or what their situation may be, the way a professional Process Server presents and conducts themselves may influence the outcome of the transaction and possibly the course of the legal proceeding.

“You never know how the person may respond or what their situation may be. The right Process Server has potential to influence the course of the legal proceeding”


Individuals who “evade service” are difficult although not impossible to serve.  We actually specialize in these cases and law firms often contact us after the Sheriffs Office, Constables or other Process Servers have failed.  Review testimonials here.

I’ve served Gang Members, Medical Doctors gone off the grid, Foreign Nationals who’ve eluded service around the globe and people who deny their identities.

Oddly enough the most difficult serve I’ve ever had was a geriatric woman avoiding a divorce.  Initially she fled to Asia to avoid being served.  Upon her return several attempts by the initial Process Server failed.  After dedicated surveillance, I was able to determine this was because the subject was routinely exiting the home via her bedroom window, crawling under the neighbor’s hedgerow, through a swing set then crossing a lawn in order to get to their vehicle and depart the area undetected.  She must have been doing this for weeks or longer…..

I was able to intercept and successfully serve the subject.  The budget for that case was on the higher end although the teary eyed laughter from the grateful client as I relayed the story of her climbing through the rose bushes was priceless.


A licensed Investigator can investigate, locate, conduct surveillance and serve legal process in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Information for Pennsylvania can be found here: PA CHAPTER 400. SERVICE OF ORIGINAL PROCESS

Our clients include: The U.S. Dept of Justice, Law Firms, Attorneys, Paralegals, Corporations, Individuals and other entities around the globe


The agent completing the service will complete the return of service, proof of service or affidavit provided.  If necessary they will generate their own detailed affidavit to reflect the facts and details of the service.


Each case varies.  Our General fee is $65hr + mileage – a fee is applied for rush service requests under and in some cases we’ve have had less than a 2hr turn around time.  Sometimes clients need to serve an individual they cannot locate – this requires investigative effort and increases the fee.

Our clients receive skillfully executed service with tact, professionalism and attention to detail.  We are not a bulk service provider.  Each assignment is undertaken with the sole objective of effecting service even on those evading service.  Near immediate mobile updates and scanned documents are scanned, uploaded and sent from the field.

If the service is not highly important, you may wish to contact the local, Constable, Sheriffs Dept or a budget process server.  If you case is important, sensitive or urgent in nature contact us.

Nicholas Group – Investigative & Security has experience serving individuals, Local, State and Federal Government Agents, witnesses, corporations, expert witnesses, hospitals, law firms, banks and others with International legal documents, civil complaints, criminal subpoenas, notice of deposition, divorce complaints, civil suits, child custody, family law and other legal matters in Pennsylvania.


Contact the Office.  Documents can be delivered to our office via e-mail, FedEx, USPS or other postal carrier.  Billing is permitted for Corporate and Attorney Clients.  Rush service is available for an additional fee.

For cases sensitive in nature or those evading service, any details about the subject(s) including description, photos, vehicles, workplace etc. are helpful and will benefit the client’s budget.