Seasonal Security

You may wish to consider a few Security Tips to maximize your Christmas & Holiday Season.  As you travel, acquire gifts, and experience a higher volume of visitors a few quick tips below will help you.  For more information contact a qualified Security Professional.

Holiday Security Tips for the Home:

  1. Maintain communication with a discreet and trusted neighbor(s) if you will be traveling out of town
  2. Window candles provide decoration and security illumination using little electricity
  3. Keep packages out of view through vehicle or house windows
  4. Limit public social media posts about being away from home
  5. Do not discard packaging for expensive gifts in a manner visible to all
  6. Conduct a professional security assessment
  7. Ask Santa for an Alarm or CCTV system.  Modern technology is plug and play and often smart phone friendly

Business Security tips:

  1. Offer customers personal escorts to their vehicles
  2. Use the buddy system when walking out and encourage employees to do the same
  3. Do not place signs indicating when your business will be left unattended
  4. Make your business highly visible via lighting, reducing obstructions, shrubbery etc.  Contact us to for CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) services.
  5. Security systems can be effective and offer a savings on insurance premiums
  6. Conduct a professional security assessment

With Holidays fast approaching, a Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays to our Clients, Associates, Colleagues and Community!

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